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DinnerKrimi in english

Enjoy DinnerKrimi now also in English! Join us for one of our public shows or book us exclusively for your dinner party or corporate event. All the available dates of our public shows and the link to book your tickets you can find here

If your interested in booking a DinnerKrimi in English for your event we promise that we will do everything possible to ensure that your event will be successful, one that your guests will not soon forget.

A good meal in a relaxed atmosphere, a few dodgy people who are on the loose and suddenly murder and manslaughter! So it goes to and fro with a DinnerKrimi. Such an evening is then sweetened by a good dose of humor and of course the obligatory dessert at the end. Whether DinnerKrimi is dinner with theater or rather theater with dinner, no one knows exactly! However one thing is certain, it makes for a very special treat once you find yourself playing detective and are put in the middle of everything a murder case entails.

We have produced and performed DinnerKrimi since May 2007. During this time we have not only become one of the most successful theater companies in Switzerland but also an experienced organizer of events with a killer twist.

Please contact us any time so we can send you further information and an offer. You reach us by email sales@dinnerkrimi.ch, phone +41 44 450 1327, or on facebook.

We would be thrilled if you decide to make a DinnerKrimi booking today.